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1. Payment

You have concerns about paying for the services you need. There are resources that may be able to help even if you already receive some help

*Do not choose this if you are already enrolled in Medical Assistance for home and community services. This option is for people who have not applied for Medical Assistance home and community services and supports through the county.

Find out if you qualify for help to pay for these services.

You applied through the county and are currently receiving help paying for services besides health care through a program called a waiver or the Alternative Care program. These services may include someone who helps you prepare meals, cleans your home, drives you to activites or helps your family
This means the expensenses for rent and/or services are paid for out-of-pocket by you, or another person is paying for you
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2. Background information

Do you need any of the following?

The provider has the resources, staff or programming to provide specialized care to certain populations
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3. Service Time Needs

What days of the week and times of the day you need the service
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4. Support Needs

Skills to help people take care of themselves
Skills to help people protect themselves from harm
Skills to help people speak for themselves and control their own affairs
Skills to help people plan a schedule and manage time
Skills to help people talk, connect and work with people in appropriate ways
Skills to help people manage their households, such as laundry, cooking and cleaning
Skills to help people management their money, such as budgeting and completing tax forms
Training on how to find and obtaining housing
Skills to help people engage in social and community activities
Skills and options to help people use forms of transportation
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5. Desired Location